Board of Directors


As trustees, the elected Board members bring time, talent and energy to the work of Dietitians of Canada. These members steer the organization by setting the strategic direction and ensuring that DC remains strong, vibrant and relevant to members and the profession. Positions include a director from each of the six regions, a director representing students and new professionals, the Chair, and the Chair-Elect.

Carol Donovan
Belle River, ON
Lucia Weiler
Northwest and Central Ontario Region
Toronto, ON
Leslie Beck
Chair Elect
Toronto, ON
Amanda Hamel
Manitoba and Saskatchewan Region
Winnipeg, MB
Sue Conlan
Atlantic Region
Halifax, NS
Colinda Hunter
Alberta & the Territories Region
Edmonton, AB
Geneviève Grenier
Northeast and Québec Region
Ottawa, ON
Kara Vogt
British Columbia Region
Vancouver, BC
Timothy Lau
Students & New Professionals
Vancouver, BC

Chief Executive Officer

Nathalie Savoie
Chief Executive Officer
Dietitians of Canada
Toronto, ON


  • Members of the Board of Directors for Dietitians of Canada can be contacted at